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10 Best and Most Stylish Camera Bags in 2019

If you’re serious about Photography, you’ll know that the only way to carry all your precious equipment is with a bulky backpack. The problem is, these bags are often a horrible sight. But why shouldn’t you enjoy your passion with style? That’s why we looked around and put together this buying guide of the top stylish camera bags in 2019.


1. The Protactic BP 450 AW II

Our first entry is an explosion of functionality. True, the design might not be the most elegant of the list, but it’s sturdy and powerful, and it will undoubtedly appeal to the military enthusiasts. Its 4-point access makes it easier to find your gear quickly when your subject appears suddenly.

A system of Slip Lock loops turns out extremely useful to attach extra tools on your backpack – like bottles, additional pouches, and even your camera tripod! In addition, being a tactical model, this backpack is designed to be ergonomic, super comfortable to wear all day.

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2. The Everyday Messenger

This one is a fine-looking shoulder bag! Originally designed with the participation of travel photographer Trey Ratcliff, it turned out to be a fantastic model for the everyday commuter as well. With plenty of space and adjustable dividers inside, you’ll find out that there’s indeed “a place for everything,” as they like to brag in their ads.

It features an innovative magnetic lock (the MagLatch) for a quick and no-look closure mechanism, ideal for when you’re moving but want to reach for your equipment.

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3. The PRVKE Series

It’s a very compact, functional, and sleek-looking camera bag. No wonder it’s an award-winning product recommended by Forbes and by the National Geographic. Its limited weight and dimensions make it ideal for traveling, whilethe smart pockets and 2-point access make it a functional photography bag too.

An expandable roll top guarantees quick access to your gear, and the magnetic tote handles allow you to carry it super-easily. The overall vibe is that of a premium minimalist product, with a beautiful design in waterproof tarpaulin and extra-durable ballistic nylon.

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4. The Camera Pro Pack

Another great option if you need a pocket for everything. The first thing you’ll notice about this backpack is how spacious it is. So spacious that it “fits a full frame DSLR with the lens attached,”while the front case could contain a DJI Mavic Pro Drone – plus all the standard gear. Now, that’s phenomenal!

Inside, you will find that space is rationally separated, by secure padded compartments and pockets. In addition, the design is pleasantly sleek, and the nylon exterior is a premium abrasion-resistant material.

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5. The Prince Street

Ah, this one is a real beauty. Handcrafted in full-grain Italian leather, the Prince Street is no doubt the most elegant and sophisticated option on our list. Coming in a variety of colors, we suggest the antique cognac shade, for a vintage declaration of style.

True, being a leather shoulder bag, it won’t be the best option for traveling (especially if you’re going somewhere rough) or you’ll ruin it quickly. Also, the internal pocket is spacious enough, but the design is drastically poor of compartments, so it won’t be excellent for keeping your gear well separated and in order. It’s basically a fundamental choice between style and functionality. Up to you!

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6. The Bowery

Another fabulous product from Onabags, the same brand of Prince Street. You find the same full-grain Italian leather and the same beautiful color variation. The Bowery, though, comes with a smaller size and a lower price tag.

You can see it as a minimalist version of the Prince, which entails better portability. Furthermore, its smaller size combined with its good looks makes it also a more appealing option as an everyday bag for women.

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7. The National Geographic Rainforest Bag

A stylish travel-oriented camera bag, whose design is somehow reminiscent of the PRVKE option seen above. Perhaps, another choice of appealing looks over sheer functionality. The cotton and canvas exteriors, in fact, are beautifully colored in vintage green and beige but aren’t as waterproof and resistant as other models previously observed. Don’t let this detail discourage you, though.

The Rainforest Backpack is a very functional option for traveling as well, with plenty of space to carry your gear and compartments to keep it in place. For instance, you can fit your DSLR with a lens on, plus two additional lenses and your standard items.

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8. The Simple Camera Bag Set

As the name suggests, this is a brilliant option if you want to keep it simple; with style, of course. The Simple Camera Bag Set seeks to maximize versatility with a minimalist approach, trying to keep the functions down to the essential. By doing so, Langly focuses on a compact design finished with exquisite rainforest green.

Naturally, you still get your photography-dedicated space with the customary padded compartments: for your DSLR, three lenses and a few extras.  All of which is quite impressive, comparing its relatively low price to the other models.

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9. The Tourist – Full Grain Leather Backpack

Another beautiful hand-crafted camera bag in full-grain leather. Differently, from the Bowery, this model is explicitly marketed for women, and you can easily see why once you discover its beautiful, elegant looks.

Ironically, though, we suspect that many men will be tempted to get a hold of the Tourist, as well. The great thing about this bag is that it manages to be gorgeous and at the same time shamelessly functional. Built to be comfortable, ergonomic and spacious, you will be able to fit all your equipment, thanks to the system of removable internal compartments. A must buy if the price doesn’t scare you off!

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10. The Kanken Photo Insert

This one is our Secret Tip, our little treat for you. You probably heard of Kanken backpacks: they are the coolest everyday bag out there, and they’re trending so much right now. Well, what if we told you that you could actually convert your favorite backpack into a functional camera bag?

All you need to do is to get a Kanken Photo Insert; it will fit perfectly in your backpack and get you all set for your next photographic adventure! And of course, if you need it, you can also use it on its own or with other bags. The only drawback is that it’s the smallest model we reviewed today, so you need to consider how much space you need.

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To Wrap It Up

That was our favorite selection of camera bags available in 2019. If you own one and want to give us your feedback! Also, let us know if you think we forgot some cool models. We tried to be as diverse as possible in our picks, to suit different tastes and needs, but we always appreciate your suggestions!