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Check Out the 5 Best Instagram Spots in Macau

Great photography comes with great equipment, but it’s worthless without interesting subjects for social media posts. So, if you’re planning to a detour from Hong Kong to visit Macau, you’re probably already geared up like a PRO (for instance, smartphone camera lenses are the next best thing for crafting photos for your followers). Now, all you need are some fantastic spots to shoot that Instagram masterpiece.

Here’s a sweet selection of the five best Instagram spots in Macau …


1. Rua de Felicidade

It’s the Portuguese name for “Street of Happiness”; the Rua used to be the city’s red light district between the 1860s and 1960s, a bustling strip of brothels, opium and gambling bars. Now a colorful and quiet neighborhood (with its iconic bright-red doors and windows), this is the epitome of the traditional Chinese soul of Macau, and possibly the most photographed site in town. You can’t skip it.

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• Macao is… …the red lights district… • 🇬🇧And once again, we were up early, around 7 or 7:30, to have the city for ourselves and walk around the Red Lights District while the city was still sleeping. It’s here that the sailors from before would come to find some comfort after a long journey across the seas…and somehow, at 7 in the morning, while the first lights reach the city, you could almost hear the ships docking in the harbour nearby… . [ad] Paid collaboration with @macaouk . 🇫🇷Nous revoilà dans les rues presque désertes du Red Lights District de Macao, alors que les commerçants dorment encore et que la ville s’apprête tout juste à se réveiller. Les portes rouges des échoppes sont encore fermées, et sur les coup de 7h ou 7h30, alors que la lumière peine encore à percer, des effluves du port nous caresserait presque les narines. C’est ici que les marins posaient pieds à terre pour trouver un peu de réconfort après leur longues traversées en mer…et à 7h du matin, alors que la ville dort encore, on pourrait presque entendre encore les bateaux accoster dans le port voisin…

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2. Rua Sul Do Patane

This one is a bit of a golden secret. It is actually a residential complex, so if you want to capture a fantastic shot of the inner courtyard, you’ll have to sneak in like a ninja (which means: wait for the magic appearance of a resident to let you in). But it is all worth it? The combo of narrow courtyard, steep walls, and open sky is as close as you can get to an urban Sublime. So put your Wide Angle lens on, and take a panoramic shot of this concrete legend. Your Instagram will thank you.

3. The Parisian Casino 

Towering with a half-scale replica of the Tour Eiffel, this landmark has become a Macau must-visit ever since its opening in 2016. The luxurious Hotel-Casino combines a sophisticated Parisian spirit with Las Vegas’ dazzling neon-plenitude. Lovely and classy in the day, the Parisian reveals its true prestige during the night’s spectacular display of lights. Include it in your Instagram list to amaze and puzzle your followers! (After all, who could ever expect an Eiffel Tower in China?)

4. Ruins of St. Paul

This isn’t just the most famous highlight on the list; the Ruins of St. Paul are a vivid reminder of the city’s colonial past and stunning Portuguese heritage. The original church was built between 1602 and 1640 by Jesuit missionaries, and its uncommon beauty and grandeur brought it the name of “The Vaticanof the Far East.” What you see today are only the remains of the old building (marble façade and staircase), after a fire devoured most of the wooden structure in 1835. Still a mix of history and splendor that you cannot miss.

5. Mandarin House

A wonderful example of Chinese Imperial architecture, with just a splash of western influences. This impressive residential complex occupies an area of 4000m2, and it was built in 1849 as a residence for the reformist thinker Zheng Guanying. It followed a period of decadence from the 1950s when the house was rented to a vast number of poor residents (containing up to 300 people at once) until the Government rescued it in 2001 and restored it to its original conditions. Today the Mandarin House belongs to the Historic Center of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mandarin House is an absolute gem and a highlight amongst the best Instagram spots in Macau.