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How to Use the Tele Portrait Lens

The Lemuro Tele Lens is one pretty piece of kit. Housed in aluminum this lightweight, pocket-sized lens has the ability to capture better portraits along with the capability to double the existing optical zoom of the iPhone camera system. If you own an iPhone with a dual camera system (like the 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS or XS Max) it can double the already-impressive x2 zoom to a total of x4 optical zoom! A versatile camera system that is made even more powerful when using the Lemuro lens.

With cool features to rival DSLRs, we wanted to create a quick, handy guide on how to use the lens and how to get the best out of what it offers. 

Why use the Lemuro Tele Lens?

The Lemuro Tele Lens enhances your iPhone with true professional photography functions so let’s take a look at exactly what it can do for you. You won’t be disappointed …

#shotonlemuro TELE

without lens

Digital & Optical Zoom – The Difference

First of all, the Tele Lens provides a double optical zoom, ideal for long distance shots. You might think that that’s not a very big deal, as your phone camera can already zoom that much. But you need to consider the difference between a digital and an optical zoom.

With Lens

Without lens


Pixelated Detail

The most significant flaw of digital zooming is that it deteriorates images: you lose pixel quality. With optical zooming, that doesn’t happen, as you are basically capturing more light through a “magnifying glass,” instead of “stretching” the same picture.

As a result, you get a much more defined zoomed picture, with more pixel density. And last but not least, the Tele’s optical zoom doubles your native camera digital zoom. So, if you position our Lens on the iPhone’s native 2x zoom camera, you will get an impressive x4 total zooming! Now, that is sweet.


Pro Photographers Love Background Blur For Portraits

Second, the Tele is great for photographic portraits. How? The Lens creates a shallow depth-of-field, which results in a clear image at the center of your picture appearing sharply against a blurred background.  This blurring can be emulated “digitally” by iPhone cameras, but the optical blur provided by the Lemuro Tele is by far superior. For instance, the digital “faux” blur isn’t DSLR precise, and the edges of the blurring are visible behind the subject.

Shot on iPhone XS and Lemuro Tele


Shot on iPhone XS and Lemuro Tele


How to use the lens on a Dual Camera Device?

Lemuro lenses can be mounted on either camera of the dual camera system

Are you sometimes having trouble with a black screen when using the Tele Lens on a dual camera iPhone? Don’t worry – it’s all to do with the iPhone sneakily switching back and forth between lenses when zooming or as a result of other scenarios like low light conditions.

Is there a solution? Yes, and it’s actually easier than you might imagine. The native iOS camera app causes the issue of the switching cameras, so you just need to bypass that.

Option 1: Third Party App

The simpler option would be just to use a third-party app, one that allows you to switch between the two iPhone cameras manually. There are many available out there, but we suggest ProCam. It’s particularly impressive and, you might say, it’s Lemuro approved. Remember, we had selected the 10 best photography apps for 2019 for you. Make sure you check out this article.

No Lens mounted – iPhone XS using ProCam

Tele Lens mounted on primary camera – iPhone XS using ProCam

Tele Lens mounted on secondary camera – iPhone XS using ProCam

The app can do more than just manually selecting cameras. It has a simple-to-use, minimalist interface and enables DSLR-like custom features. ProCamera is a fantastic aid for shooting sophisticated pictures. You can download the app below. 

Pro Camera iPhone AppImage Owner: ProCameraApp

iOS App Download

Option 2: iOS Portrait Mode

The second option can be used with the native iOS app, but it’ll allow you to shoot only through the second native camera of your phone – which is an inbuilt Tele camera. Just select the iOS Portrait Shooting Mode: this will always use the secondary camera. Your iPhone, though, might add additional digital background blur, so be careful.

Tele Lens mounted on secondary camera – Using Portrait mode in native IOS App

Well, that’s it. We hope you found our guide helpful, and that now you’ll enjoy using your Tele without further inconveniences. If there’s anything else you’d like to have explained, let us know: we’ll get back to you with more awesome guides!