How to Vlog on an iPhone

top affordable iphone vlogging setup with mobile lenses

Everything you need, from the best gear to the right methods
Ever thought about recording a vlog on an iPhone? A vlog is a ‘video blog.’ It’s a snapshot of someone’s life in a few seconds or minutes. It might be humorous, informational, or may even be dramatic or tear-jerking. Thanks to social media and video sharing platforms, it’s gotten easier to share these moments.

Vlogging is massively popular. Thanks to smartphones, anyone can get started. But how do you know you’re using the right kit? You likely take your device everywhere with you. Therefore, you’re going to need a good, reliable iPhone vlogging setup which is lightweight and affordable.

In this guide, we will let you know everything you need to get started. What’s more, we’ll tell you how you can make the most of it!

iPhone Vlogging Setup Lemuro Lenses

Gear You Need to Vlog on an iPhone

There are a handful of items you should always have to hand for perfect vlogging, no matter where you are. These should include camera lenses, tripods, microphones, and audio accessories. While the iPhone can do a lot, you’re going to be able to shoot fantastic-quality vlogs and footage with just a few resources.

1. Camera Lenses

Sure, the iPhone’s native camera is pretty powerful. But can it give you the panoramic, artistic shots you’re looking for? Not always. If you want to avoid over-editing your footage, you should think about purchasing leading lens add-ons for your device.

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Lemuro’s wide lens and fisheye lens ranges are designed to optimize the scope of your iPhone camera’s capabilities. iPhones, on the whole, have a habit of cropping video. When you’re vlogging, this isn’t the best look. A Lemuro fisheye lens will help you capture incredible artistic angles and wider shots.

Our wide lens, of course, is ideal for anyone who wants to capture more than what their iPhone offers them by default. Extend your videography with a great set of lenses.

What’s more, to keep your lenses safe, you’ll need a handy carry kit. The Lemuro carry case is designed to keep even the most fragile of lens kit secure. It’s specifically built for our products, too.

2. Mini Tripod

A good camera phone tripod keeps your hands off the device. Flexible, versatile equipment such as the Manfrotto PIXI is fantastic for everyday vlogging. Tripods don’t just come in handy for taking steady footage. They allow you to take center stage in your filming. You shouldn’t have to keep a grip on your device at all times!

Do also take a look at clamps and other supports for stability. Also from Manfrotto, the TwistGrip allows you to secure your phone in place while you focus on capturing and performing. We’d also seriously recommend the Joby GorillaPod 3K Pro for the sturdiest, most reliable hands-free capture.

3. Microphone

iPhones can pick up a lot of noise. But can they filter it out well enough for a vlog? If you’re starting to vlog on an iPhone, it’s time to upgrade your sound equipment. Just as you’d use a studio-standard mic at home for quality recording, you should use an iPhone-ready mic on the go for portable vlogs.

We definitely recommend you look at the Rode VideoMicro. For vloggers, this kit has become the standard for audio capture. Fantastic at isolating voice, music, and performance, it neatly clips to your iPhone and adds barely any weight. It records audio from in front of the camera. Therefore, it’s in prime position to capture exactly what you have to say.

top affordable iphone vlogging setup with mobile lenses

Yes, the iPhone has an excellent microphone for its size. But is it the best choice for vlogging on an iPhone, period? Probably not. Don’t be afraid to buy yourself some kit to upgrade your unit.

How to Shoot iPhone Vlogging Content

Now that we’ve taken a look at the kit you’ll need, let’s focus on how you’re going to use it. Recording a vlog on an iPhone isn’t just about hitting ‘record’ and seeing where things go. There are a few strategies you can and should use to produce the best footage you can. Let’s take a look at a few recommended hints and tips.

4. Capture in Manual, NOT Automatic

iPhone cameras shoot footage in automatic mode by default. That is, at least through the native app. Manual mode, however, lets you take greater control over your footage. By relying on automatic, you’re letting your iPhone dictate the whole process to you. Don’t be overruled by your camera!

Download a third-party app, such as Filmic Pro, which lets you lock in manual settings while shooting and capturing. With manual settings, you can control your exposure and your aperture.

5. Be Smart With Light

Light can be a help and a hindrance for vlogging. It pays to get it right but can take time to perfect. There’s no need to invest in expensive equipment if you simply choose the right locations.
• Where possible, vlog outside. Why not? Vlogs can get boring inside the same four walls.
• Try not to shoot at midday when the sun is high. Find the golden hour and use it.
• If you do shoot indoors, use window light. By moving close to a window, you’ll get access to intensive natural light to help illuminate your subjects.
• It’s hard to balance good filmography with window light. However, practice makes perfect.
• Don’t be afraid to experiment near windows, or to let light flow in.
• Try not to depend on artificial lighting. If possible, just don’t vlog while it’s in use.

6. Add B-Roll

B-roll is a term used to describe shots which aren’t part of the main action. For example, your vlog may cut away briefly for a natural shot. In these shots, sound from the main action may be laid over the top. B-roll techniques help make vlogs seem much more filmic.

Macro Lens for iPhone

It’s best to use camera lenses which support lengthy asides and b-roll strategy. Lemuro’s Tele and Macro lens ranges can be used to create some truly stunning inserts. You want your b-roll to look different from the main action. Why not swap out your lenses?

Editing Your Content

Now, it’s time to think about editing. While you can spend hours refining your footage in post, why not think about editing as you go? You can refine and change elements of your vlogs on-board your iPhone.

8. Essential Editing Apps

We suggest using brilliant apps from the iOS app store, such as Adobe RUSH and GoPro Quik. These are two leading names in footage editing. Now, they’ve come to iPhones and smart devices to help you trim and modify your content as you go. While there are lots of benefits to editing your work in a full suite, vloggers don’t have time to hook up all that hardware and software.

These editing apps are perfect for bite-sized content. Fantastic vlogs take time to produce. However, they should also be taken and published ‘in the moment.’ For that reason, we always recommend you edit your footage in-app. Don’t rely on the iPhone’s default editing suite, either. Grab yourself an editing suite for a few dollars which give you incredible control.

9. Other Useful Apps

There are plenty more apps available for the iPhone, which will help to define your vlogging experience. With millions of people vlogging all over the world, the market for software has absolutely exploded.

Apps such as TiltShift Video, for example, will help you to add filmic effects to your footage. You can do all of this without DSLR or big, clunky lenses. Partnered with Lemuro lenses, you’ll be able to create some truly stunning content.

There are also plenty of vintage camera apps available for iOS. These will help you to capture footage in a style similar to old-style TV and film units. Looking for a decadent style from years gone by? Load up an app and start transforming your vlogs.

Skyflow, too is a fantastic addition for vlogging. With this iOS app, you can not only capture your world in full 4K, but you can take time-lapses, too. Video time-lapsing is awesome to watch back. Slow down and speed up your video and capture every moment. 4K is great for vlogging as it is crisp, vivid, and offers incredible potential – it’s amazingly flexible.

So there you have it…

We’ve taken a look at the gear you’ll need and the techniques you should bear in mind. From here, it’s all up to you. Vlogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some instruct you, others give you a slice of someone’s daily life. Otherwise, it’s an excellent medium for artistic filmmaking.

You might like making people laugh. You might enjoy scaring people! There’s a world of brilliant vlogging opportunities out there, and now is the time to take them.

Kit yourself out with the best lenses, iPhone camera equipment and brush up on tips from seasoned vloggers. Starting a vlog on an iPhone may seem tricky, but everyone starts somewhere.

Got an idea? Want to show the world? It’s time you got started.