Each order conserves rainforest in Madagascar

“Every minute, almost 50 acres of rainforest are lost forever and critically endangered species lose their habitat.” – Rainforest Trust

The story of our ethical mission, intertwines with our mascot animal, the lemur. Lemurs are an endangered species native to Madagascar; they are nocturnal and have large eyes, very much alike to our range of optical lenses.

As an eco-friendly and socially responsible company, Lemuro contributes to protect Madagascar’s rainforests and their inhabitants. In fact, for every order, our customers place we will donate to preserve 100sq feet of rainforest. This article gives you more details about the charity aspect of our company.

Why Madagascar?

Very few people are aware that over 90% of Madagascar’s rainforests have been devastated in recent years. That lead to entire animal species being displaced and greatly decreases the country’s capacity to farming and fully utilizing their land.

Lots of photo- and videographers draw their inspiration from nature and that’s why our company aims to build an eco-sustainable business model and contributes restoring damaged ecosystems.

Your purchase will help us make a sustainable change in the world.

How is the rainforest conserved?

Lemuro has partnered with a leading non-profit organization called Rainforest Trust. They are a top rated charity and have been active for more than 30 years. They engage in a number of activities but mainly focus on establishing conservation sites through land purchases and designations. They invest 100% of donations associated with Lemuro products directly to conservation action.