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The Most Instagrammable Spots in Spain

top instagram spots in spain

Are you heading to Spain this summer? Want to travel light, but need to take some brilliant Insta-ready shots while you visit? You won’t have to worry about hauling a big camera and all of its equipment around with you. With the right wide angle lens for iPhone, you’ll be able to capture plenty of the Spanish landscape, as well as some of its best-loved landmarks and architecture. Why not think about taking a Lemuro wide angle lens with you?

Want to show your Insta followers what they’re missing while you’re away? Head for these fantastic spots right away, with an iPhone camera lens in hand.

1. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of Spain’s standout cities. While it might not be the capital, it’s massively popular with Insta tourists. Grab an iPhone camera lens and try out that wide angle across miles of sparkling, sandy beaches. Get up high and shoot from down low in the many historical buildings and magnificent architecture on offer.

Grab panoramas of the colorful and traditional city from way up in the heavens – it’s truly beautiful both day and night. You’ll be surprised what you can capture with the right phone camera lens!

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2. Madrid

Madrid is Spain’s capital city, and it’s famously vibrant. Buzzing with that famous Spanish flair, why not fill your Insta with colorful shots of the city skyline? There are beautiful blends of old and new here, with clear skies playing out as a background to towering, traditional buildings and landmarks. Madrid is massively popular with Insta travelers as it’s pure beauty in a city. Palaces, parks, even temples – they are all worth sharing with the world.

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De Madrid al Cielo From Madrid to the Heavens. • Gran Vía, Madrid. You CAN go home again. I moved to Madrid in 2011, and live here for 2 years. I then returned for several months in 2013 & a few months in 2015. I didn’t know the language when I first moved (English/Italian at the time). I didn’t know a single soul. Not a one. But a visit in the middle of my visa process confirmed that this city was my destiny. My life change was on a whim. Maybe it was brave, maybe crazy, maybe I have an unwavering desire to constantly challenge myself. I strive to be a better version of myself every day . I don’t think I’m brave. I think that is just how I am. Solo travel, solo moving, though I am a team player. Maybe I’m trying to prove that I don’t “need” anyone, but having a team/partner in crime is awesome and special and a gift. 🤷🏼‍♀️. When I landed in Madrid last night, the same feeling rushed through my body as it did when I first crossed through immigration. Elation, belonging, joy. Only now the joy is from love & familiarity. From knowing that this perfectly imperfect place, one that had saved my life in many ways, gives me moments of frustrations that I find amusing, and makes me feel like I am ok, I am enough, my flaws are great the way they are… was still here. Still mine. Still “Guapa ”. Always on My Side. Today we (as in @pursuitofportraits & @moodygrams/@moodyports had a wonderful meet in Madrid! I loved meeting numerous talented souls, and also finding out that my friends love Madrid as much as I did! It’s heart filling to watch people fall in love with Madrid. It gives me hope. That this overlooked city/beauty/diamond in the rough will get what it deserves. Maybe that’s a projection of my life/self but I can tell you, Madrid is filled with so many imperfections but at the same time it’s filled with all the right perfections, beauty, compassion and joy. The things that matter. That’s why it will always have un pedazo de mi corazón ❤️

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3. Seville

Seville may not be your typical European city, but it’s bursting with Spanish color and culture. You’ll probably need a wide angle lens so that you can cram everything in! From blossom trees to traditional transport, historic buildings and dazzling festivals, Seville is a city which never sleeps. It’s buzzing with life, and while it can be challenging to capture everything in just a handful of photos, we’re sure you’re probably going to want to try your best!

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Metropol Parasol…

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la giralda…

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4. Toledo

Toledo is a traditional Spanish town. Piled high up on the hillside, this is a location which should appeal to any travelers looking to take in Spain’s more classical side. It is proud of its cathedral, its rich heritage and its simple, yet striking buildings. Toledo is an Insta-ready town in the sense that it is absolutely breath-taking from beyond. All the more reason to get your wide angle equipment ready to fit as much as you can into your iPhone lens shots!

5. Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is part of the Canary Islands, and is, therefore, going to be home to some incredible seascapes. All the more reason to take your camera with you. The undisturbed coastlines and natural water pools make for popular Insta shots, though you may wish to take a boat out around the coast to get in some wide views of the resort. Many people travel here to ‘get away from it all’ – take a look at some hashtags online to see what you might be missing!

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6. Pamplona

Pamplona can be seen as a very religious city; however, that doesn’t make it stuffy or unapproachable. If anything, it’s one of the most colorful resorts in Spain, famous of course for its bull runs. It was once a major property of the Roman Empire, and as such, there’s lots of history and culture to explore from centuries past. However, you may want to take photos of the fantastic, color-splashed streets and imposing architecture.

7. Murcia

From its incredible cathedral up to the Monteagudo Castle, Murcia is a real melting pot of culture and natural beauty. If you’re not too busy taking wide shots of the historic streets and promenades, you’ll be looking out for the Floridablanca Gardens, where you can sit back and take a load off. It’s not as bustling with tourists as elsewhere in Spain, though there is a charming balance between tradition and nature here which you’ll want to take shots of.

8. Bilbao

Bilbao is a city probably most popular for the Guggenheim Museum. It’s a building that’s a work of art in itself! Bilbao is a very artistic town, with colossal sculptures and modern displays begging for you to share on Instagram. From its old town district to its focus on contemporary arts and expression, this is a Spanish resort with tons of personality. Get snapping!

9. SECRET TIP! Ronda

Here’s an Insta tip you might not be aware of. Ronda, situated in Malaga, is an imposing town that’s heaving with ancient folklore. From the intense and Insta-worthy New Bridge to the world-famous Bullring, Ronda is a location with a lot of dark history to it. It’s becoming one of the more popular towns of its size, and that’s partly thanks to so many Insta snappers discovering it in recent years.

10. Es Vedra in Ibiza

Finally, for some of Spain’s most stunning wide-angle shots, make a beeline for Es Vedra. While Ibiza may be known globally as a party island, the mysticism of the tiny, uninhabited Es Vedra has made its way into many Insta albums. It’s said to have been home to sirens and is shrouded in myths and mystery. Why not explore it for yourself?

Heading to Spain? Grab a Wide Angle Lens

Spain is home to some genuinely astounding sites of natural beauty, as well as some magnificent man-made landmarks. To get the best out of a trip to the Med this summer, why not think about taking a wide angle lens for iPhone? As always, the team at Lemuro are here to help. Grab some phenomenal panoramas your Insta followers won’t forget in a hurry!

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