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Lemuro’s New Lens Series – What has Changed?

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Here at Lemuro, we’re always ready to make significant changes. Change is good! We understand that you’re always going to be on the lookout for camera lenses which will help you take the most stunning shots. 

Upgraded iPhone Lenses

Keeping Up with Apple

As you’ve seen, Apple released the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR last year. These models have changed the game. The hardware has been upgraded, now you can shoot wider than ever before, and the sensors have received a massive size boost.

Therefore, we’ve made some changes to two of our most popular lenses to maximize performance for the XS series. We’ve taken the optical standards of our Fisheye and Tele Portrait lenses and have upgraded them. You’ll now be able to take breath-taking new shots on your XS with help from our latest, and greatest iPhone camera lenses. 

These are without a doubt the finest mobile lenses we’ve built to date – and you’ll not be able to find better resolution elsewhere.

There are massive differences between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone XS. Therefore, we’ve worked to improve our tech alongside Apple. Our original lenses will still work with the XS; however, our new lines will perform even better.

So What Has Changed?

Good question. Let’s run through the facts for both of the upgraded lenses.

Fisheye Lens

  • We’ve gone all-out on enhancing sharpness. We’ve redesigned the optics in this lens to promote a sharper image regardless of what you shoot.
  • We’ve kept the super-wide view field, but we’ve thrown in a few extra tweaks for good measure. You now have access to greater image clarity, and color reproduction is at its all-time best.
  • We’re confident our Fisheye lens is now the best of its kind on the market.We’ve used the same coating formula from our wide lens range, too.

Upgraded iPhone Fisheye Lens

Tele Portrait Lens

  • You’ll get enhanced clarity with your Tele Portrait shots if you upgrade to the new lens.
  • We’ve taken time to update the coating on this lens, too, to bring it in line with our leading standards.
  • We’ve gone for the true DSLR look – there’s less flaring, and we’ve strived to build the sharpest lens on the market. We are confident we have achieved that.

Upgraded iPhone Tele Portrait Lens

tele portrait lens for iphone with mini tripod

Is Anything the Same?

Yes – our Macro and Wide lenses have been tweaked a little to perform better with new iPhones, however, they will remain largely the same.  Wide lenses already work brilliantly with iPhone XS.  We’ve upgraded the Macro lens hood to be a little taller.

Premium iPhone Lenses Lineup

Which Lens is Right for Me?

We encourage you to take a look at our new lenses and upgraded lines if you’ve bought an iPhone XS.  These new lenses offer the best possible shots for the latest iPhones. But if you’re not planning to upgrade to XS just yet, don’t worry! Our classic lines of Lemuro lenses will work brilliantly with all iPhones from 7 upwards. Check out our useful guide that will help you the select the ideal lens for you.

Will There Be Any More Upgrades?

We’re always working to produce the sharpest, most precise and most reliable iPhone camera lenses around.  If it were down to us, we’d produce one line of lenses to fit all phones. However, technology evolves very quickly. Therefore, as camera sizes and smartphone technology changes, we have to move with the times too.

While we do have to change our products and lines occasionally when new phones are released, we make sure to cater to as many people as possible. We don’t like leaving users of older phones behind!  We’ll produce new lines if Apple’s tech changes much more in the future.  At the same time, you can always rely on our existing lines for the best in smartphone camera technology.

Want to learn more about our new Tele Portrait and Fisheye lenses? Take a look at our online store, or get in touch with us for advice. 

P.S. If you are wondering about the designer behind all this: The usual suspect is Hamid Bekradi once again. Check out our Design section to learn more about Hamid’s incredible work and shaping the iconic brand identity behind Lemuro.