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Top 6 Photo Spots in Iceland

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If you’ve never been to Iceland, you’re missing out. Not only is this frosty isle an amazing cultural treat, but it’s also an awesome adventure for Instagrammers. You only have to take a look at the thousands of #iceland tags out there already.  It’s a country which, while small, is home to some of the most breath-taking scenery and incredible sites of natural beauty. The perfect opportunity, then, for you to grab a Lemuro wide angle lens for iPhone and to get snapping.

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Sink or Swim.

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Here are our six best picks for Insta photo ops in Iceland.  Grab your camera tech and your smartphone and book a flight.

1. The Basalt Walls

Iceland’s amazing Basalt Walls look like something out of a modern art gallery. However, they are actually the product of thousands of years of lava explosion and rock adjustment.  These stunning cascades of basalt stack up in walls across the coast, making for perfect photo ops for your Insta wall.

Set up your smartphone camera lens kit and get up high. These imposing, natural structures make for spectacular panoramic subjects.  Take a look at tags on Instagram already if you don’t believe us!


2. Vik

Vik is an incredible little village which benefits from being right at the edge of the ocean.  This volcanic, rugged community may be small, but it benefits from real camera-worthy surroundings.  You’re going to want to use your Lemuro lens to take shots of the imposing cliffs and the intense, arctic sky.

Vik is also a famously peaceful and friendly place to visit, too.  It’s an excellent vacation spot for many budding photographers who prefer their trips to get a bit rural now and again.


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If you ever visit Vik, theres a super nice hike up the mountain that gives you a view of the entire town. I had the chance to do it just when the sun began to set and the light coming through the valley was definitely one to remember. Also, can you guess if this iconic view of the church is flipped or not flipped? #wheniniceland #beyondthelands_ #folkscenery #allaboutadventure #eclectic_shotz #bestoficeland #moodnation #shotzdelight #theroguecrew #wildvisuals #exploreiceland  #icelandair #earthoutdoors #exploretocreate #iceland #moodygrams #uniladadventure #wildernessculture #greatoutdoors #visualsofearth #stayandwander #agameoftones #guidetoiceland #folkgreen #wildernesstones #greatnorthcollective #roamtheplanet #earthfocus

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3. The Black Sand Beach

Got a wide angle lens for iPhone with you?  Good, you’re going to need it when you visit Reynisfjara.  As its name suggests, the Black Sand Beach is home to glistening grains and stacking, jagged rocks for miles around.  It was actually a location used during the filming of Game of Thrones, so it might already seem familiar to you.

Snap-on a mobile lens kit and take shots of the wide shores, the ascending cliffs, and more.  Instagram will explode with shots like these.

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Would you surf in Iceland?

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Spent 10 days in Iceland with my friend @thatoneblondkid exploring my imagination by letting the power of new terrain erase what I once knew. I wandered off into this black desert watching the wind bring dust devils to life. I watched them dance around the open horizon. They appeared to come without notice and steal the thought consuming the mind. The sounds of silence sent a feeling of peace rushing through my veins like drug consuming what hasn’t been touched. Still haven’t found the answers to all the questions ive been asking but I was told sometime in the in between that the answers will come with time and experience. Some answers when I’m finding new peaks and some answers when I’m walking the same endless valley. In time, all will make sense but for now I will just take on and absorb what comes at me. 📷: @alexfromiceland

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4. Höfn

Höfn is a spectacular Icelandic fishing town where you’ll find the horizon meeting the sky all around.  It’s an awesomely chilly location, which means you’ll be able to capture some crisp frozen shots with the right wide angle camera lens.  You can view glaciers from miles around, and you’ll also want to take photo ops with the local harbor and village surroundings.  It really is a quaint slice of Scandinavian life.

5. The DC Plane Wreck

In the south of Iceland, there lies a, must-see plane wreckage with some intriguing history behind it.  The Super DC-3 was once under the control of the US Navy; however, it crashed inland with seven crew on board.  There is an intense mystery surrounding why the plane crashed in the first place, which makes it all the more alluring to tourists.

It makes for an exciting photo op because Iceland’s incredible climate has transformed the wreck into a frosty husk.  It does need to be seen up close with the best wide angle lens around.

6. The Skógafoss Waterfall

Finally, you will definitely want to take plenty of shots of the waterfall in Skógafoss if you’re in southern Iceland.  This stunning natural water display is grand and majestic, and is said to be home to buried treasure if you believe the legends!

Use your wide angle lens to capture intersecting rainbows as the flurry of water crashes against the rock cascade.  Take a look at hashtags online for more inspiration!



Iceland is a truly fantastic vacation destination.  With the right wide angle lens for iPhone, you’ll be able to capture some genuinely stunning and natural photo ops.  Take a look online for more inspiration!