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The Top Insta Spots In Italy This Summer

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Anyone who’s ever been to Italy will tell you that it’s absolutely gorgeous.  It is, therefore, going to be full of Insta-worthy moments and shots! Hauling your camera and all its equipment with you on vacation can be a major hassle. However, with the right iPhone camera lens, and a Lemuro lens carry bag, you’ll be able to travel light while snapping away to your heart’s content.

So – you’ve got your Lemuro camera lenses, and you’re ready to start capturing the Mediterranean. But what are some brilliant spots you should head for straight away?  Which locations are already getting thousands of likes online? Whether you use an iPhone 7 lens or an iPhone X lens, there’s a lot to take in.  Here’s our list of the coolest Italian Insta spots for your inspiration.

1. Rome

If you’re visiting Italy without seeing the capital, you’re missing out. Rome is a historic city with tons of spectacular landmarks built for you to share with the world. Get snapping the beautiful coastline, the wondrous and iconic Colosseum, the dramatic Pantheon, and more. If you search for #Rome on Insta, you’ll likely pull up plenty of stunning landmarks and cloudless skies.

Make sure you take your Wide lens to show the world what you’ve found. Rome may be one of the most-visited capital cities in Europe, but that doesn’t make it any less incredible.


2. Amalfi Coast

Looking for colorful townscapes and stunning natural formations? Want to capture the hustle and bustle of the Italian town scene, while taking home memories of breath-taking hills and mountains beyond?  Use Lemuro camera lenses to capture the colorful and unique personality of the Amalfi Coast. There’s a beautiful balance of nature and Italian tradition here, which should make for some eye-catching shots.

Use an iPhone zoom lens to capture colorful buildings and the crashing waves beyond. See how artistic you can make your iPhone photography this summer!

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3. Venice

If you don’t think of Rome when people talk about Italy, you’ll likely think about Venice. Famous for its amazing canals, grab yourself a gondola and take a watery trip through the city. Keep your wide lens handy to take in the historic architecture, and – of course – the famous waterways. You’ve probably seen a lot of Venice on Instagram already. But it really won’t compare to actually being there!

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Over one hundred little islands make up the beautiful city of Venice, Italy 🇮🇹 One of the world’s most iconic tourist destinations and given its low lying foundations in the Venetian lagoon, a place most at risk from climate related changes in weather. Yes the city has flooded many times in its history and yes the resilience of its people and power of its tourism sector have always bounced back BUT its flooding has become more frequent & severe and if we want to enjoy this beautiful city into the future we must learn more about our environment and change our behaviours. The good news is… it’s not hard! @world_wildlife has so much information for you to learn and the first step in making a change is becoming aware and then raising awareness 😊 I’d love to hear from anyone that is doing things for the environment or has ideas for more I could do to help! (This amazing shot was by @donquiellumbera_ check him out)

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4. Florence

Florence is an incredible hub of Italian history and culture. From the center of the city at the stunning Cathedral of St. Mary of the Flower to beautiful panoramas at the Piazzale Michelangelo, there are lots for you to take in here.  Grab your lenses and travel bag and get snapping. It’s a popular tourist resort, but compared to many other cities here, it seems relatively ‘untouched.’ Explore some hashtags for inspiration before you go!



5. Bologna

Bologna is another historic city that’s brimming with cultural hotspots. Interested in taking shots of Italy’s dramatic, ancient architecture? Bologna is a bit of a world away from some of the more touristy zones. However, with the right lenses and a little bit of camera tweaking, you’ll be able to take home some incredible artistic shots.  Share them online, too – why follow the crowds using #Rome or #Venice all the time?


6. Tuscany

Tuscany is amazing to visit during summer. Grab your iPhone and take advantage of those incredible, blue Mediterranean skies. Explore the built-up zones to dip in and out of Italian culture, or explore the beautiful countryside out in Chianti, where the vineyards grow strong from season to season. Even as the sun beats down over the horizon, there are tons of fantastic opportunities for shots out here.


7. Cinque Terre

The humble Italian town of Cinque Terre pulls in thousands of visitors each year.  This colorful, picturesque community looks out over the sea beyond.  Get up high and take breath-taking shots of the ocean beating against the rocks.  Sample some of the amazing summer festivals and share the best moments with your followers. Cinque Terre is a little bit of a hidden gem for some, but once you’re here, you’ll never want to head back.


8. SECRET TIP!  La Cascate Del Mulino Di Saturnia

Here’s an astounding Insta spot you might not be aware of. While exploring Tuscany, check out the fantastic hot springs at Saturnia. Known locally as the Cascate Del Mulino, the natural thermal springs and waterfalls here make for some wonderful photos. The pools and cascades take on a beautiful, dreamy quality in the pounding sunshine.  It’s completely free to access, but don’t be too surprised if the area starts getting more popular in the years to come!

Head for The Med with Lemuro Camera Lenses

Your bags are packed, and you’ve got your favorite iPhone camera lens and carry case ready.  What are you waiting for? Italy seems like it was built for Instagram! Check out some of the popular hashtags already taking off online, and see if you can gain more inspiration from other traveler’s trips.


Italy Cinque Terre Shot on iPhoneiPhone Wide Lens Italy Cinque Terre


Whether you’re keen to take in the history and majesty of Rome or prefer the lavish vineyards and olive trees out in Tuscany, there are lots to explore. Why not take all your memories back with you in style?  Pick a Lemuro lens for your iPhone and start showing Insta your favorite Italian discoveries this summer.