Top 6 Insta Spots in Lofoten, Norway

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Norway truly is a magical country, and its Lofoten islands are massively popular on Instagram. It’s not hard to see why. Grab your iPhone and your Lemuro lens and get capturing some stunning, snowy landscapes. Take a look at some of Insta’s best shots of Lofoten’s islands and see if you can match them for yourself!

1. Hamnoy

Go off the beaten track and get some shots at Lofoten’s oldest fishing village. Hamnoy is Home to some quaint buildings and homes, and while it’s pretty small on the whole, the views are breath-taking. It’s a picturesque little village which has gained a popular following on Insta.

Searching for Hamnoy will bring up shots of tiny cabins and chilly village amenities. All of them, of course, blanketed in that brilliant Scandinavian snow. It’s like something out of a fairytale!

2. Kvalvika Beach

Kvalvika Beach is an amazing hike that Lofoten’s been hiding away for centuries. This fantastic trail across rural Norway will take you up peaks and down valleys. You’ll also get plenty of exciting opportunities to capture the freezing waters and peaks around you with your iPhone camera lens.

Nature does come into its element here, and if you’re the sort of snapper who likes taking a long walk or two, you should definitely head to the beach. Just don’t expect a tan!

3. Henningsvaer

Henningsvaer is another fishing archipelago which, while small, has plenty of charm and visual wonder.  Impressive, colorful buildings will greet you at the famous harbor, while you’ll also be able to take a peek at the peaks beyond. It’s a fishing village which makes the most of the space available.

You’ll see plenty of shots of Henningsvaer on Instagram. It’s placid and imposing at the same time. It’s amazing to get in wide angle shots of the tiny community overlooked by majestic mountains – as well as that famous Norway freeze.

4. Sakrisoy

If you look for Sakrisoy online, it’s likely one of the first things you’ll come across is a diverse selection of photos. The natural lighting here is magnificent. Much like Henningsvaer, this is a tiny village which is situated deep in the waters of Norway. There are mountains all around, too – a fantastic framing device.

One of the brilliant draws of Sakrisoy lies in its unique buildings. Untouched and unspoiled by the rest of the world, these homes are custom-built and have to be seen to be believed. You’ll find plenty of inspiring mobile lens photography shots to take here.

5. Helvetestinden

If you feel like taking on one of Lofoten’s mountains, you’ll want to check out Helvetestinden. It can be a punishing hike for beginners, but for hardy photographers, it’s well worth the trip. Climb to the top of snowy, grassy peaks and look out for miles around. Unspoiled, untouched waterways and rugged hills are just begging to be captured.

While it may be a little bit of a journey to get to the top of Helvestinden, you won’t regret a moment of it.  Look on Instagram for photos of the area, and you’ll see why. With a wide angle lens, you’ll be able to capture some genuinely awesome memories.

6. Fredvang

Finally, Fredvang is another Lofoten village famous for its fishing and, of course, its architecture. This village is, however, nestled deep within grassier plains than you may expect elsewhere on the islands. Therefore, you can expect to get a lot of different shots by venturing out into the abundant greenery and the mountains beyond.

Fredvang is also at an incredible vantage point if you’d like to get unique shots of the Arctic Ocean. If you’ve already hunted down shots on Insta, you’ll probably feel chilly just looking at them! The right iPhone lens and the right eye for a photo will allow you to capture Fredvang’s majesty. Pictures can say a lot. Don’t let your memories of Lofoten fade away, share them online for all to see!

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