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Which iPhone Lens Is The Right One For Me?

Which iPhone Lens Should You Buy? Don’t Miss Our Camera Lenses

Perhaps you didn’t know, but smartphone camera lenses are a new hot trend in Photography.

In a world where phone cameras are more powerful than ever, these detachable lenses allow you to unleash the hidden potential of your device. Like DSLR lenses, they enable you to capture shots in custom modes (wide angles, portraits, ultra-magnified images, and so on), but all the magic is done with your smartphone!

Lemuro promptly understood this change.

We produced a new generation of lenses specifically designed for professionals and social media photographers. Those who use their smartphones to flexibly shoot on the road, and for Instagram lovers who want to improve their photo/video contents without going broke.

Our tools are small and lightweight (unlike DSLRs), and you get PRO-like imagery without having to buy an expensive camera.

With Lemuro you can’t go wrong, our products combine top-notch optical engineering from Germany and high-quality design from Italy.

So…thinking about buying a lens for your specific needs?

Follow our guide below; we’ll help you choose.

Wide Lens

Our most popular and versatile everyday product.

This lens is an excellent place to start. Not only is it easy-to-use, and versatile, but by its very Wide Angle nature, it expands your camera field-of-view to 110°– meaning you can fit almost twice as much image in your picture!

What can you do with it? Almost Everything.

You won’t have to worry when shooting VLOGs or Instagram Stories, that your background/scene could be cropped out by a narrow field-of-view. 

Second, it makes your vision bigger. You will be able to capture more of the world around you with your shots. That immediately suggests the best uses for the Wide Angle are: Travel Photography. Monumental architectures, jaw-dropping landscapes, and panoramic selfies…They all deserve more than a standard camera. They deserve the vast background of a Wide lens.


And, last but not least, it’s perfect for great Action Shots. If you ever took one, you know: these stunning, sequential shots take up a lot of space, visually. However, if you expand your camera’s field-of-view to 110°, the results will go viral. 


Tele Portrait Lens

A great option if you require a multi-purpose tool. 

The Telephoto lens doubles your camera’s optical zoom (but if your device has a dual camera system you can even achieve x4 optical zoom!) and also frames your subjects in beautiful portrait shots.

The secret of this second feature lies in the lens’ 60mm focal length that, combined with the iPhone’s f 1.8 aperture, makes it the perfect portrait lens and gives your pictures a more shallow depth-of-view and a compressed look. The effect is a beautiful vintage patina around a picture, with a sharp center in which your subject is highlighted. Put simply, Lemuro has perfected the portrait mode.

What is it ideal for? A lot of things.

Naturally, the Tele lens will be optimal for any context requiring a powerful zoom. When you are traveling, and you have to pick your subjects from afar without the pixelation that comes with digital zoom. Or in the same way you have to document a sports game or event from a distance. The Tele portrait lens will be your go-to iPhone accessory. 


But more importantly, the portrait mode opens some stunning possibilities. For instance, your models will appear isolated against a blurring background and closer to the viewer, for an intimate feeling. Try the same on a natural subject, and you’ll see it transfigured in a quasi-mystical aura. 

Macro Lens

This one is more of a niche choice, but still highly practical.

The Macro lens is the only ‘real’ option for extreme close-ups, as it provides up to a 10x magnification ratio. This little jewel is a bona fide magnifying glass for your iPhone, that will find the beauty within the ordinary!

Other than the advanced optical technology within the lens, our Macro’s exceptional performance is due to its removable diffuser hood. A curved-shape protrusion, which helps the camera to focus faster and to capture photos with an nicely diffused light.

Perfect for? Anything that requires a detailed close-up.

Where it shines, though, is in social media, Instagram and Snapchat on top. Why? Because its powerful and clear magnification captures vividly detailed shots that look wonderful on a screen. 


The macroscopic view obtained with this lens is so far from ordinary that you will amaze your followers and friends. You’ll stand out from the crowd.  

For similar reasons, the Macro is also very suitable for product display in e-commerce.  Elegant watches, jewelry, phone cases…even our Lemuro lenses are photographed with a Macro!

Fisheye Lens

This one is wildly fun to use, and an excellent tool for shooting landscapes.

The Fisheye lens gives you the widest angle you could go for, extending your camera field-of-view to 238°, which captures 5x more image in your shots. Our motto for this marvel? Expand your horizons.

However, Fisheyes are also famous for spicing things up. Take, for instance, their barrel distortion. A feature for which an image’s straight lines appear to bend outwards from the center, in a dramatic and eye-catching “curvilinear” effect. Experiment with it, and you’ll find endless inspiration.

When do you opt for this one?

Exploit the Fisheye’s ultra-wide potential when traveling, shooting sports or capturing extra-large architectures. Whether it’s a stunning panorama, a big brawling pitch or a magnificent hall interior…crops won’t be a problem.


The barrel distortion is fantastic for capturing video, for Insta- and Snapchat stories, VLOGs or YouTube videos, and experimenting with new looks and vibes.

To Wrap This Up

We really hope this short guide to our lenses has been helpful. To make your choice easier, we also summarized the juice of this article in a small table.


To know more about us, and know what’s new, have a look at our blog or follow us on Instagram at @lemurobrand.

If you made up your mind about our lenses, our online shop is here for you. And don’t forget to share those amazing pictures tagging #shotonlemuro so we can feature you!