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Lemuro lenses for iPhone enable everyone to take professional images without having to carry cumbersome and expensive camera gear. The product was created by team of photographers, engineers and product designers.

Our premium optical lenses and slim iPhone cases were forged by the visionary industrial designer Hamid Bekradi in Milan, Italy. He is the mastermind that planned the sleek design language and the brand identity of the product. His expertise helped us to create the first concepts throughout the initial production to make the vision become reality. Check out his portfolio to see other inspiring projects and concepts from sectors such as Luxury, Automotive and Yacht Design.

We have spent over one year carefully engineering, designing and testing the ultimate smartphone photo accessory – Lemuro. With it, we empower anyone to become a professional photographer, create better content and inspire others. Other than a game-changing functionality and outstanding optical performance, Lemuro also represents beautiful aesthetics and ethical eco-sustainability.

The story of our ethical mission, instead, intertwines with our mascot animal, the lemur. Lemurs are an endangered species native to Madagascar; they are nocturnal and have large eyes, very much alike to our range of optical lenses. As an eco-friendly and socially responsible company, Lemuro will contribute to protect the world’s rainforests and their inhabitants. In fact, for every order, you place we will donate to preserve 100sq feet of rainforest.

Your purchase will help us make a sustainable change in the world.


Multi-layer coated precision optical lenses. Protected by a shock absorbing anodized aluminum body


An elegant slim case that is engineered to absorb impacts.
Supports Wireless Charging


Lemuro cases are composed of genuine leather, a protective TPE bumper and an anodized aluminum interface


World class engineering from Stuttgart, Germany


Contemporary design from Milan, Italy


Responsibly sourced and vegetable tanned leather