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Basic Set (2x Lenses)

From $187,20

Our best selling lenses (fit all iPhones and most Android) and a small carry bag.

Universal Lens Clip
Wide Lens
Lens color
lemuro 60mm tele lens in black and silver
Tele Portrait Lens (New)
Lens color
protective small carry lens bag closed
Small Carry Bag

  • Professional lenses, with minimum volume/weight drawbacks
  • Engineered in Germany, for top-notch quality optics
  • Designed in Italy, where aesthetics is king
  • Black or silver anodized aluminum protects the innovative 7-layers blue coating lenses
  • Phone and lens are secured together by our Universal Lens Clip
  • Capturing subjects from further away – for instance in sports, travels or adrenalized activities 
  • Panoramic snapshots: to include more of your adventure and more of your crowds
  • 1x Lemuro Tele Portrait Lens
  • 1x Lemuro Wide Lens
  • 1x Lemuro Universal Lens Clip
  • 1x Small Carry Bag
  • 2x Protective Lens Cap
  • 3x Microfiber Mini-Bag 

This bundle contains everything you need to get started stepping up your smartphone photography. We picked our two bestselling lenses, the universal lens clip that fits all iPhones and most Android and the small carry bag to keep your gear protected. The ideal combination for people who like to keep it basic.