Ultimate Set (5x Lenses)

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Includes ALL 5 Lemuro Lenses. Perfect for those who want it all.

Universal Lens Clip
Anamorphic Lens - Black Aluminum

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Wide Lens
Lens color
lemuro 60mm tele lens in black and silver
Tele Portrait Lens (New)
Lens color
Macro Lens
Lens color
fisheye lens in silver and black
Fisheye Lens (New)
Lens color

In stock


  • Professional lenses, with minimum volume/weight drawbacks
  • Engineered in Germany, for top-notch quality optics
  • Designed in Italy, where aesthetics is king
  • Black or silver anodized aluminum protects the innovative 7-layers blue coating lenses
  • Phone and lens are secured together by our Universal Lens Clip
  • Capturing subjects from further away – for instance in sports, travels or adrenalized activities 
  • Capturing more than what is visible to the naked human eye and the native smartphone camera 
  • Panoramic snapshots: to include more of your adventure and more of your crowds
  • Capturing the widest possible angle on a mobile phone
  • Capturing video for film-making and post-production. Get instant access to filmic perspectives and enhancements.
  • 1x Lemuro Tele Portrait Lens
  • 1x Lemuro Wide Lens
  • 1x Lemuro Anamorphic Lens
  • 1x Lemuro Macro Lens
  • 1x Lemuro Fisheye Lens
  • 1x Lemuro Universal Lens Clip
  • 5x Protective Lens Cap
  • 6x Microfiber Mini-Bag 

For those who like EVERYTHING we have created the ultimate set that includes all five Lemuro lenses. This will make your smartphone more powerful than ever before. The universal Lens clip system which is compatible with all iPhones and most Androids devices. Get them while they are hot.


How many great shots become lost to memory without the right tools? Inspiration comes when least expected, and the best subjects appear out of nowhere. With Lemuro, you can finally have the full potential of a larger DSRL camera always with you. That means, that, wherever you are, you will always be ready to chase your art. Whether you are a professional Photographer or a passionate Instagrammer, Lemuro helps you take better pictures practically anywhere. Additionally, if you are just starting out in your big social-media adventure, you do not need to invest in some expensive photographic equipment. All you need is your phone, your passion, and Lemuro.