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iPhone X – Photo Case


An elegant slim case that is engineered to absorb impacts.






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Our slim case for iPhone X and XS is designed to work with the Lemuro detachable lens system by simply connecting the smartphone lenses to your device. Capturing photos with your iPhone has never been better.

thin and agile suit for your phone, this camera lens phone case is ideal for everyday carrying (fitting easily and comfortably in your pocket), and for effortless one-handed shots whenever the occasion requires a better dexterity (if you are moving or leaning towards your subject, for instance).

  • A super slim case that is very lightweight and pocket-sized
  • Protects your phone from occasional drops
  • Connects with Lemuro lenses that will make your iPhone a better camera
  • A lanyard hook allows you to attach a strap to the case, for a safe hold on your wrist or neck
  • The aluminum lens-interface securely holds our lenses in place
  • Superb Italian design from Milan
  • Choose your Finish:
    • Genuine Leather European (Responsibly sourced)
    • Glossy Polycarbonate (Scratch resistant and sturdy)
  • Everyday Situations, because most phone droppings happen in the most trivial occasions
  • Travel, when you challenge your sense of adventure and finally go for that famous Kilimanjaro hiking trip
  • Nighttime, when you are busy in crowded places and the unforeseen lurks behind every corner
  • Mornings, when you can barely tell the sky from the Earth, and you forget about the dangers of gravity
  • Sports, because when the air is filled with testosterone and adrenaline,any move and anyone around can be fatal for your precious smartphone
  • Your clumsy friend, because we all have one and we all know that she/he can be more dangerous than a stampede


  • Dimensions: 143x71x12 mm
  • Weight: 23.4g
  • Ultra Thin Yet Highly Shock-Absorbing Construction
  • Raised Bezel Protects Screen From Damages
  • Supports Wireless Charging
  • Design: 6 Elements
  • Material (Bumper): Protective TPU + Polycarbonate 
  • Material (Accent): Genuine European Leather or Glossy Polycarbonate
  • Material (Lens Interface:): Anodized Aluminum 
  • Material (Lining): Microfiber Velvet

Lemuro’s iPhone camera case combines great aesthetics and functionality: improving your smartphone looks thanks to a sleek Italian design, and ensuring solid protection with its innovative High Impact Rib System. It is also the element guaranteeing the compatibility between our lenses and your phone, being de facto the essential of our Lemuro product line. 


Aesthetically, the case complements your iPhone with elegance and style, an aspect too often overlooked by case producers. However, here at Lemuro we understand and value our customers; we know that buying an iPhone you acquired a highly desirable product, whose design represents an intrinsic value. Thus, without overlooking the rest, we put a lot of effort in the aesthetics, and we designed our best solution in Milan, right at the heart of the world’s fashion.     

High Impact Protection System

The functionality of the case also adds new important features to your phone. The High Impact Rib System was engineered to shield your phone from the most likely collisions; the aluminum lens-interface prepares a robust integration with our lenses, anda smart lanyard hook allows you to take extra precautions and safely tie your iPhone to your wrist or neck with a strap.


Multi Element Design

Our case is constructed from 6 different elements, all optimized for maximum performance. Most notably: the protective sides exterior (our High Impact Rib System) made in TPE; the back exterior (or accent), coated in genuine German leather or glossy polycarbonate; and very importantly the lens-interface made of anodized aluminum to guarantee the best fit and protection for your lenses.



Different Color Options

Our photo cases come in 5 different color combinations (Tanned Leather, Black Leather, Tangerine Leather, Glossy Black, Glossy Red). All of the leather used in our products is organically sourced and naturally dyed. Our supplier is a leading European leather company that is based in Southern Germany.