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Anamorphic Lens

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Hollywood Style Video for your Phone






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  • Lightweight, pocket-sized PRO tool
  • Standard iPhone camera’s field-of-view expanded to letterbox format
  • High-quality optics, precision-engineered in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Superb Italian design from Milan
  • Glass is protected by an anodized aluminum lens body
  • Lens attaches to a sleek Lemuro case protected by a High Impact Rib System and coated in genuine leather or a glossy finish


  • Capturing video for film-making and post-production. Get instant access to filmic perspectives and enhancements.
  • Ad-hoc filming and editing. Get more control over your movie-making with an easy-fit lens that’s amazingly powerful.
  • Accessing more depth than ever before. Working harder than standard wide-angle lenses, the Lemuro Anamorphic Lens will help you draw more attention to your subjects.
  • Producing marketing material or advertising for distribution across social media, YouTube, and more.
  • Shooting and building your own portfolios and reels. Simply pick up your iPhone and Anamorphic Lens and act your heart out!
  • Producing wildlife and landscape video and photography. Get more into the frame than ever before, with a whole new level of crispness and clarity.


  • Emulating cinema’s best technology and touches. Upgrade simple movie-making and everyday shots by layering on that incredible Hollywood sheen.
  • Creating high-quality content for YouTube. YouTubers and content creators all over the world make use of this type of lens to create high-definition skits, stories, and documentaries.
  • Creating your own holiday films and photo albums with added creativity and flair.
  • Setting your footage and shots apart from the pack. You’ll see the difference between your old photos and videos!
  • Seeing things the naked eye can’t appreciate. Bring out the best in your surroundings.
  • Making a splash on Instagram and social media. More fans will flock to high-quality, professional content.


  • Magnification Ratio: 1.33X Squeezed Horizontally

  • Aspect Ratio (Video): 2.40:1 Cinemascope; 16:9 Panoramic

  • Optical Design: Aspherical Cylindrical Glass, 2 Elements, 2 Groups

  • Lens Coating: Multi-layer blue coated. Creates vintage horizontal flares

  • Distortion: <2%; Iconic Anamorphic barrel distortion that creates a vintage effect

  • Lateral Chromatic Aberration: <1px at edge

  • Resolution: 300 LP/MM (Axis); 280 LP/MM (Edges)

  • Weight: 45g (Lens); 21.2g (Universal Lens Clip)

  • Distortion: <0.5%

  • Weight: 60.5 gr

Anamorphic Lens: Cinematic Footage at Your Fingertips

Looking to bring the magic of Hollywood home?  Check out the Lemuro Anamorphic Lens, built for the iPhone.  It offers a new and easy way for you to capture cinematic quality video on your device.

Professional camera technology hasn’t always been widely available.  You would often need to pay a lot of money to get access to the best studio equipment!  Lemuro aims to change the game completely. This ultra-wide lens is built to capture incredible perspective and action.


The Lemuro Anamorphic Lens allows you to capture video on your iPhone at broader aspect ratios than ever before.  You can even take advantage of professional lens flare and distortion for unique effects. When’s the last time you were able to capture this level of quality on your phone’s camera?

Our Anamorphic Lens lets you capture wide-perspective shots and footage like never before.  Shoot 2.4:1 video.  Take stills in 16:9 for that authentic, cinematic feel. Cinematic camera tech is now available for a wider audience at an affordable price.  You have our brilliant innovators to thank!

The Lemuro Anamorphic Lens captures ultra-high resolution.  This can then be squeezed out during editing and post-production. Whether you are making films for fun or profit, this lens may be the only accessory your iPhone’s camera could ever need.  Why pay more for bulky studio technology?

This lens gives you access to great quality visuals on the go.  Filming a documentary?  Need to build a portfolio or demo reel?  Simply fit the lens to your iPhone, and you’re good to go.