Fisheye Lens (New)


Capture 5x More Picture with your iPhone. Distort reality and explore a different perspective.






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  • Compact design, ideal for everyday carrying, gives your iPhone the ultra-wide feel of a GoPro
  • Game-changing extension of the iPhone’s field of view to a 238° ultra-wide angle
  • 8mm focal length
  • German optical engineering, as a guarantee of superior quality and reliability
  • We required an Italian design, for top-notch aesthetics
  • Premium quality hand polished glass elements, protected by a durable exterior of anodized aluminum in Black or Silver
  • Our lenses connect to a trendy Lemuro case (in genuine leather or glossy finish), which also offers first-class protection to your iPhone
  • Capturing the widest possible angle on a mobile phone
  • Sports and action shots – Shoot with a unique perspective and save the images straight into your camera roll. A photography style previously only available on an action camera 
  • Travel and adventures, because no one can tell you how far or wide you should look: with Lemuro you can finally capture your best moments up to a 238° angle
  • Urban snapshots that will show architectures and cityscapes from a truly different perspective
  • Artistic shots, challenged by the new possibilites that the ultra-wide angle and the Fisheye distortion offer you
  • Real Estate or Interior Design projects: Use the widest angle for a scene and to stun your customers presenting your work with a new curvilinear perspective
  • Add a unique perspective to your stories on Instagram / Snapchat to differentiate yourself from the rest
  • The ultrawide field-of-view of the fisheye lens is perfect to reduce camera crop when creating videos/vlogs for your channel on YouTube or Vimeo
  • 1x Lemuro Wide Angle Lens
  • 1x Protective Lens Cap
  • 1x Microfiber Mini-Bag 



  • Focal Length: 8MM
  • Resolution (Axis): 300 lp/mm
  • Field-of-View: 238 degrees
  • Resolution (Corner): 280 lp/mm
  • Lens Construction: 6 Elements 5 Groups
  • Mounting Thread: 12MM fine industry thread
  • Coating: Double sided 7-layer blue coating. Anti reflective, low flare
  • Chromatic Aberration: <1 pixel
  • Relative Illumination: 100%
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Magnification Ratio: 0.2x
  • Height: 23mm
  • Distortion: 180%
  • Weight: 55.5 gr

Lemuro’s Fisheye Lens for iPhone expands your camera field of view like never before, enabling you to capture your widest horizons and bend them to your art. 

As the lens presents such an extremely wide field-of-view (238°) meaning that you will be able to capture 5x more of an image compared to the native iPhone camera  – which is ideal when you are interested in the whole complexity of the scene.

Capture 5x More Of Your Scene



How The Lens Distorts Reality

This lens will expose your creativity to new standards. Fisheyes aren’t just famous to be ultra-wide, but also for changing the rules of the game with their barrel distortion, where the picture’s straight lines bulge outwards from the center, andthe subjects appear to curve wildly with a dramatic curvilinear effect.


High Resolution New iPhone Fisheye Lens

It is finally time to innovate your photographic experience. Document the fast-paced scene of a football game in its whole width, shoot a crop-less selfie with that huge Guinness world record pizza, expand your vision beyond its limits if you want to capture the full splendor of that red Australian desert!

Then why not experiment with your artistic side, thanks to the new challenges provided by the unique look of the lens? Re-taking with Fisheye the same pictures of your favorite subjects, you will find out how the “barrel effect” adds a vibrating dynamism to the scene and diffuses a kind of surreal abstract feel.

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