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Macro Lens


Capture extreme close-ups on your iPhone






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  • Transforms your iPhone into a pocket-sized digital microscope
  • Professional lens, with minimum volume/weight drawbacks
  • A game-changing 10x magnification ratio
  • Perfectly sharp even when less than 3cm away from an object
  • Includes a detachable light diffuser that helps to distribute light evenly and guarantees instant autofocus
  • 25mm focal length
  • Engineered in Germany, for top-notch quality optics
  • Designed in Italy, where aesthetics is king
  • Black or silver anodized aluminum protects the innovative 7-layers blue coating lens
  • Phone and lens are secured together by our durable Lemuro case, elegantly finished with genuine leather or glossy PC
  • Capturing more than what is visible to the naked human eye and the native smartphone camera 
  • Insects/Animals: Documenting and analyzing the micro world with incredible close-ups
  • Flowers: Capture the beauty of nature in the dramatic perfection of a flower’s petal or a leafs intricate details
  • Fabrics and Textures: Showcase delicate details about arts and crafts
  • Watches and Jewelry: Display them in beautiful close-ups
  • eCommerce: Document small details of the products you are selling
  • Discovering the amazing colors and textures of your model’s eyes
  • Exploring all the bizarre shapes of water, be it in a falling droplet or a beautiful snowflake
  • Add macro footage when creating B-Roll for your Vlogs and other videowork for Youtube and Vimeo
  • Capture and share tiny details straight from your iPhone’s photo roll to surprise your friends and followers on Instagram and Snapchat
  • 1x Lemuro Macro Lens
  • 1x Light Diffuser / Focus Hood
  • 1x Protective Lens Cap
  • 1x Microfiber Mini-Bag 



  • Focal Length: 25MM
  • Resolution (Axis): 280 lp/mm
  • Field-of-View: –
  • Resolution (Corner): 250 lp/mm
  • Lens Construction: 4 Elements 3 Groups
  • Tolerance Allowed: 0.01mm
  • Coating: Double sided 7-layer blue coating. Anti reflective, low flare
  • Chromatic Aberration: <1 pixel
  • Relative Illumination: 100%
  • Diameter: 36mm
  • Magnification Ratio: 10x
  • Height: 15mm
  • Distortion: <1%
  • Weight: 40.0 gr

New Macro Lens: Discover The Beauty Within The Ordinary

Lemuro’s Macro Lens for iPhone magnifies your camera vision, enabling you to bring to life the tiniest details of your adventure in breathtaking close-ups.

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Your native iPhone camera has limitations when focusing on objects that are very close up. Our Macro lens will open your creativity to new possibilities. Capture the amazing geometry of a snowflake, observe the enlarged alien features of everyday insects, or discover the nebula of color hidden within your iris. Achieving a higher magnification than life-size, you will be able to explore a new world within the ordinary. But there’s more. Produced with German precision engineering, Lemuro lenses exhibit an incredible quality build. For instance, our Macro not only enables you to shoot amazing close-ups (magnified up to 10 times) with your iPhone, but it also guarantees the best clarity for your pictures.

Removable Light Diffuser / Focus Hood

The lens comes with a removable diffuser hood, a curved-shape protrusion that helps the camera to focus faster and capture a clean image with even light across the whole surface. The biggest problem when shooting with a Macro lens, in fact, is the collateral effect that shades may cast over the picture. By filtering the light intake at the front of the lens, the diffuser hood allows you to grasp all the rich texture of the scene (including its smallest details) for top-notch professional photos or videos.

What’s best, the Macro lens comes in an ultra-portable size, which makes it the perfect photography gadget to have always with you, whether you are just walking home or you are leaving for that epic on-the-road adventure!

More Usage Examples

  • New challenges and new experiments, because a macro shot allows you to come so much closer to your subjects and to peek into a new essence
  • Zooming on your impeccable food creations, when you want to show off your culinary verve from a completely new dimension!
  • Exploring your fashion products in their finest level of detail; showcasing the flawless textures of your fabrics in wonderful close-ups
  • Sharing on Instagram the inspiring close-up of your favorite quote on a book
  • Discovering all the bizarre shapes of water, be it a falling droplet or a beautiful snowflake
  • Discovering the amazing colors and shades of your model’s eyes, because you will realize how everything changes when you look close enough

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