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Tele Portrait Lens (New)


Shoot better portraits on your iPhone and get 2x closer to your subjects 






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  • Ultra compact solution to enhance portraits and optical zoom
  • 60mm focal length
  • x2 Optical Zoom of native iPhone camera, meaning that iPhones with Dual Camera System will be upgraded to x4 (120mm equivalent) when the Lemuro Tele Portrait Lens is attached.
  • A new level of portability, without compromising the quality of your photography
  • Cutting-edge optical technology from Stuttgart
  • The elegance and the looks of a product styled in Milan, capital of Fashion
  • The lens comes in Black or Silver and combines with your phone through a beautiful Lemuro case (available in 5 different colors, with a choice of genuine leather or glossy polycarbonate finish)
  • Capturing subjects from further away – for instance in sports, travels or adrenalized activities – thanks for the Tele’s Double Optical Zoom
  • Framing Nature in a suggestive portrait,when you narrow the depth-of-field on your favorite landscape, and you cut off the edges of unnecessary surroundings
  • A new way to portray your favorite subjects, as the Tele lens brings you much closer to your models and isolates them against the background for a much more intimate feel
  • A beautiful vintage effect: thanks to an ultra-clear vision at the center of the lens and a moderate gradient of opacity at the margins
  • Flawless portraits of any subject: Whether it be people met on your travels or professional models
  • Create better portraits. Enhance the images you showcase on your Instagram feed.
  • Add an amazing retro effect to your videos: The unique construction creates a beautiful nostalgic film camera effect.
  • 1x Lemuro Tele Portrait Lens
  • 1x Protective Lens Cap
  • 1x Microfiber Mini-Bag 



  • Focal Length: 60MM
  • Resolution (Axis): 300 lp/mm
  • Field-of-View: 47 degrees
  • Resolution (Corner): 280 lp/mm
  • Lens Construction: 5 Elements 4 Groups
  • Mounting Thread: 12MM fine industry thread
  • Coating: Double sided 7-layer blue coating. Anti reflective, low flare
  • Chromatic Aberration: <1 pixel
  • Relative Illumination: 100%
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Magnification Ratio: 2.0x
  • Height: 35mm
  • Distortion: <0.5%
  • Weight: 60.5 gr

New Telephoto Lens for iPhone: Frame Your Vision

Lemuro’s best Telephoto lens doubles your camera’s optical zoom getting you closer to the action. It enables you to take stunning sharp portraits and isolates your subjects to create a beautiful milky background and more shallow depth-of-field than your iPhone’s native camera. 

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Our Tele Portrait lens combines two essential pro-photography features: 1. The capability to double your iPhone’s optical zoom 2. The potential to shoot better portraits and create a more shallow depth-of-field. 

Double Optical Zoom

The Double Optical Zoom is a particularly powerful resource for the mobile photographer on the go, as when applied on iPhones with a Dual Camera System (like the 7/ 7+/ 8/ 8+ /X/Xs or Xs Max) it doubles the native camera’s x2 zoom, with a total of a x4 optical zoom!

new tele portrait lens travel holiday pool  

Capture Better Portraits

Its superior suitability for portraits derives from the 60mm focal length of the Tele lens that creates more shallow depth-of-field when combined with the iPhone’s f1.8 aperture. The lens creates a beautiful vintage effect for its similarities with the focus in old pictures. This effect is given by a contrast in the gradient of clarity on the lens surface that varies from a slight opacity around the edges to a perfect sharpness in the center. This characteristic is the main responsible for the peculiar shallow depth-of-field of the Tele lens, which causes the subjects to appear very sharp in the foreground against an naturally blurry and creamy background.

Frame your vision into intimate, beautiful pictures: getting closer to your subjects you will convey a personal quality to your photography. Whether you are trying to capture the coy charm of a model, the playful hops of your pet, or the spiritual aura of a Shinto shrine, the Tele lens enables you to take your best shots with fantastic clarity and focus, even from a distance. Learn how to use it.

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